Owner’s shock as her confused dad picks up the wrong dog from the groomers

When you send your dog to the groomers you expect your pooch to look different when they return home.

But in one case the dog looked different because it was a completely different pet.

The stunned dog owner posted a before and after pic of her pet in a video on TikTok which is so hilarious that the clip went viral and has clocked up 6.4 million views with thousands of comments.

She explains how she sent her dad to pick up her dog Gucci from the groomers only for him to return with someone else’s pet.

The caption read: “My dad is NEVER picking him up from grooming again.”

Users were quick to joke about the mix up, using the dog’s name to make funny comparisons.

One user commented: “It went from Gucci to Wish.”

While another joked: “That’s not Gucci! That’s a knock off!”

A third added: “Went from Gucci to Walmart.”

Another commented: “Now you got knock off Gucci like the rest of us.”

Others expressed their shock and were questioning whether or not the owner managed to get her dog back.

One commented: “But did you get him back?”

A second added: “Dad’s in the doghouse for sho.”

The owner later posted a follow up to the video to inform her followers that she managed to get Gucci back.

But there’s no doubt her dad is in the doghouse.